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We had an amazing weekend celebrating fitness in the city of Berlin at this year’s URBAN FIT DAYS, with many athletes and fitness fanatics thrilled to try our new Bulletproof Coffee made with our fresh Koldbrew Pure! What’s the magic all about?

Bulletproof Coffee is a recipe created by Dave Asprey, that transforms your morning coffee into an energy boosting drink that improves your cognitive performance. It’s a combination of fresh coffee, grass-fed butter and MCT Oil (sounds a bit odd, especially compared to the normal milk and sugar!) Instead of the typical hot brew recipe, we created our own recipe using our Koldbrew Pure, which makes it less bitter, faster to prepare and much smoother in taste.

So, what makes these three ingredients so special?
1. High quality coffee
Coffee allows the neurons in your brain to fire faster, leading to quicker thinking. The caffeine in coffee also helps increase your endurance as well as raise your metabolism. Koldbrew is perfect for your morning Bulletproof Coffee, with our high quality, single origin beans packing a delicious flavor which is low in acidity and high in caffeine. Our coffee has no added preservatives or sugars. This keeps your Bulletproof Coffee tasting fresh and 100% natural.

2. Grass-fed butter
Butter contains lots of nutrients and fatty acids, which are good fats that keeps your hormones in balance and energy up. Butter from grass-fed cows contains even more vitamins, healthy fats, antioxidants and nutrients. It also adds an even creamier taste.

3. MCT Oil
MCT or medium-chain triglyceride, is a special ingredient that is comprised of fatty acid oils found in coconut oil. The MCT oil helps lead to overall weight loss, as it suppresses feelings of hunger, helps boost your metabolism and provides energy for your workout. The great thing about the oil is that it has no taste or smell, which makes it very easy to combine with your coffee. You can get your MCT Oil at Primal State.

Overall, the combination gives anyone from athletes to office workers to students long lasting energy, clearer thinking, and weight loss. Want to know more about the benefits and science behind Bulletproof Coffee? Read more here.

How to make it?
30ml of grass-fed butter**
15ml Primal State MCT oil
240ml Koldbrew Pure
**Want to make it vegan? Use 60ml of full fat coconut milk.

Combine all 3 ingredients and blend it all together until it appears as a foamy latte. It is recommended you start with less MCT oil to get an idea of how much your body needs.Then enjoy!

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