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Say hello to Berlin’s first cookies shop and our very first Nitrobrew owner! This awesome cafe sits along the historic Berlin Wall path and has just celebrated their 2nd year of serving up some tasty treats. Cookies and Cream specializes in delicious homemade cookies and creamy ice cream from Nunzio. The founder of Cookies and Cream, Katie,  has been keeping Berlin sweet with yummy cookies like the “American Dream”, a cool combination of peanut butter, salty peanuts, dark chocolate, and bacon, or the “Tex”, sweet dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt and spicy chillies! They even offer delicious vegan options such as “the Tante Hazel” made from hazelnuts or the “Kokomo”, with coconut oil and a kick of lime. Yum!

Cookies and Cream has been a happy customer of Philosoffee’s and we love seeing what delicious beverages that are invented using our Nitrobrew tap. We asked the owner, the lovely Katie, a few questions to kick off the summer!

If you could have a drink with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would love to have one or two beers with Michelle Obama. I have so many questions and she has so much wisdom!

What is your favorite drink of all time?

That is really difficult because I always drink depending on my mood. Sometimes black a Americano, sometimes kombucha, or even a cocktail from a bartender, who really loves their job.

What about “Cookies and Cream” makes you the most proud?

Happy customers! There is nothing better to see/feel than customers (both big and small) who are happy through their experience at the café and also with our products.

Which trends are you seeing for Cafes for 2018?

Coldbrew coffee definitely, especially coldbrew cocktails. This coffee drink has been around for years in the US and it’s making its way here to Germany. First there was homemade coldbrew, then bottled Koldbrew you can buy, now there is Nitrobrew and soon many new things you can mix with cold brew, … both with and without alcohol.

What drink do you make with Philosoffee?

Our special here at Cookies and Cream is the Rosemary Latte. Before, I used to make it with my own cold brew but now I love making it with Philosoffee’s. The inspiration for it comes from a “happy accident” that happened with a colleague at my last job


What could be better than a glass of Rosemary Latte made with Nitrobrew and a “Chocolate Chipper” cookie to finish it off?

You can find Cookies and Cream at Kremmenerstr. Be sure to check out their lovely instagram @cookiesandcreamberlin and their website for the newest cookies and coolest cold brew creations.