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Speciality Coffee From Northern Peru

Kaffee aus Peru - direkt von Bauern.
Our current coffee comes from the north-east of Peru. From St. Ignacio in the Cajamarca region, to be precise. We use a blend of two different Arabica coffees (Typica and Caturra). The coffee is called “Apu Blend”, which means “God of the mountains” and alludes to the fact that several farmers count on the protection of the mountain gods when they grow their coffee in the highlands between 1600 – 1850m.
It was harvested by coffee farmers belonging to the Centrocafe cooperative. It enjoys a worldwide reputation for its particularly high quality, which is maintained year after year by more than 2000 farmers and for the fact that the origin of each bean can be traced very accurately. Thus our Apu also has numerous seals (organic, Fairtrade, etc).

Kaffee Farmer aus Peru

Roasted in Berlin With Love

However, the quality of green coffee is only the first step. To bring out the exact flavours that you will find later in your Koldbrew Pure, the coffee has to be roasted with a lot of love and experience. Because a few degrees or minutes difference in the roaster has a strong effect on the taste profile. Only those who take a detailed look at the coffee’s profile and the properties of the roasting machine will be able to get the maximum potential out of the coffee. Reason enough to get in touch with the experts at Bonanza Coffee Roasters. The Bonanza team has the technical know-how and it is unbelievably fun to rethink coffee with them and to always try something new.
The result of experience, experimentation and a great deal of dedication is the taste profile that awaits you in every single bottle of Koldbrew: a mild taste of nutty nougat and even light aromas of apple (but you have to have extremely well-developed coffee senses to taste it).
Otherwise, just keep drinking. You’ll get there.

Kaffeeplantage in Peru

Coldbrew With K - Pure or Mixed

Bottled in 250ml bottles, our Koldbrew is just the right amount to get back on the road in the early afternoon or late evening. Because a quarter litre of Koldbrew is tough. To cappuccino lovers and fans of latte macchiato, Koldbrew doesn’t just taste black! With a dash of oat milk, almond milk or cow milk, our Koldbrew is the perfect refreshment for all coffee enthusiasts. Whoever wants to get one going, may also gladly reach for the liquor (we recommend – without any commercial encouragement – liqueur 43. Tastes simply great!) Another favourite with us in the team: Koldbrew mixed with Tonic Water. After work you can also take a shot of gin afterwards.
Koldbrew also tastes particularly round in a smoothie. Especially with banana, dates and almond milk. The combination of energy, natural sweetness and gentle taste is simply unbeatable. Especially when there was already an hour of sports on the agenda.

Coldbrew von Philosoffee

Und nu?

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