Stimulating caffeine without a dashing heartbeat. Soothing CBD without any drowsiness. Cold brew coffee of best quality and just the right amount of magic.

We put all of this in a bottle of Koldbrew.
The perfect blend of the sweetest traits of both of cold brew caffeine and CBD.

Why CBD and caffeine?

You might think for a moment that caffeine and CBD have the opposite effect on our body – that caffeine energizes you while CBD gets you down.

In fact the exact opposite is true.

Even if CBD is extracted from hemp, unlike THC, CBD does not affect your central nervous system. Instead of making you high it is even able to have a stimulating effect on your system. CBD rather even helps to thwart the negative effects of caffeine, such as jitteriness and nervousness but still doesn’t steal your energy. Moreover CBD itself gives you a smooth and blissful body feeling and makes you find your homeostasis. In case you want to know more, →keep on reading here
The combination of the two of them allows you being highly concentrated and full of positive energy without being unnecessarily turned up from the caffeine.

CBD allows caffeine perform at its best.

Taking the alleged benefits of CBD such as improvement of mental well being and releasing anxiety and putting them together with the natural stimulation of caffeine gives you a unique and highly enjoyable experience. We’re not even haming the whole thing up – caffeine and CBD are magic ingredients on its own already. Putting them together is magically magic.
An energetic boost and a stimulation of your brain functions.

CBD opens up a new generation of Kold Brew.

Our Koldbrew CBD contains exactly the right amount of CBD and caffeine to get you in the mood - ready for an energetic day or a vibrant night. But what is even more important, the taste is incredible – on a level of in-cred-b-abilit-y (no, we don’t even know if this word exists. But yes, it’s that incredible) that we don’t want to convince you anymore but rather have you convince yourself.
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