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New Year, New Drink

We are gourmets, wine lovers and coffee aficionados. That is why we are constantly trying new combinations and thinking about new flavours. Currently, for example, we’re thinking about a particular bitter taste.

However, the “bitter aftertaste” we’re talking about is by no means as unpleasant as its proverbial counterpart. After all, what about the drink with the tastiest bitterness in the world – Tonic Water?

Originally developed as a medicine for soldiers with malaria, the drink made from the bark of the cinchona tree enjoys great popularity, not least because of the continuing hype about gin and tonic: großer Beliebtheit.

We also quickly got a taste for our Koldbrew cocktail experiments. And because the combination of a tonic water with bitter and citrus notes and nutty-chocolatey Koldbrew tastes so incredibly delicious, we don’t want to keep this pleasure from you any longer. That’s why today we’re launching our latest drink, Koldbrew Tonic, the sustainable, naturally sweet alternative to mate and energy drinks. For coffee connoisseurs and taste pioneers.

But from the beginning… how do you actually develop a new drink?

In search of the perfect tonic water, we have undergone countless tastings to stretch our palates. Unfortunately without satisfactory results. Too bitter, too much or too little carbonation, no organic ingredients or only synthetic flavours – no tonic water on the market has met our expectations.

So we started all over again and developed our own tonic water. Made from natural cinchona bark extract, citrus fruits and real botanicals, instead of synthetic flavours. Without industrial sugar, but organic and sustainable. Isn’t the choice obvious?

And because the drink is called “Koldbrew Tonic” and not “Tonic Water with coffee flavour”, Koldbrew Tonic contains 50% Koldbrew Pure and 50% Bio Tonic Water. This is the sparkling and refreshing wake-up for day and night.

Now it’s up to you. Be one of the first taste pioneers and order your tasting package in our online shop.

Start your afternoon with a Koldbrew tonic on ice, take a bottle on the road or drink a sip at the club and fill the rest with gin.