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Cold extracted coffee during fitness training? – Absolutely!

Everyone knows the feeling: either early in the morning after getting up or late in the evening after a strenuous working day we drag ourselves to the gym to clear our consciences, or at least we take it upon ourselves. Lack of energy or lack of motivation are often exactly what prevent us from doing good to our body during exercise.

But that’s over now! Philosoffee’s Koldbrew is a caffeine bomb and can give us exactly the necessary “kick in the ass” that we all need sometimes. The caffeine wakes us up, widens blood vessels, promotes circulation and even stimulates fat burning. Koldbrew contains more antioxidants than hot coffee and therefore also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Without sugar and with only 5 cal per 100 ml, it’s a healthy workout companion or pre-workout drink to really get the most out of your workout.

And where does such a perfect training supplement belong? Of course to Health Essence by phil – one of the first studios for health coaching & personal training in Germany. The team around Headcoach Phil does everything to support their clients in achieving their sporting, physical and mental goals: individual coaching with a feel-good guarantee, in which Phil strives for the highest quality.


What else is so important to headcoach Phil during coaching and in his studio? We asked him directly.

Which aspect of coaching offers is the most fun for you?
Mmh, so I honestly don’t have a real favourite at all. Especially the diversity of my work is what attracts me! Health, well-being and performance depend on numerous aspects and all these have to be considered. Coaching is a dynamic process for me and it is always important to be able to adjust to the current needs and goals of each individual client, so new tasks always await me and this is a lot of fun.

What are you particularly proud of at Health Essence by phil?
That my clients love to come to the gym and to stay. For many people, going to the gym is a must… Especially in the evening after work: it’s loud, it’s full and often you don’t really know what you’re doing anyway. Our studio is about much more than just training. It’s about feeling good and realizing that training, good food and a healthy life should be fun and not duties that you have to “tick off”. That’s why I’m all the more pleased when my clients sit in the rocking chair or on our daybed before or after a coaching session, chat, relax and enjoy being with us.

What new nutrition and fitness trends do you think will prevail this year?
I believe that a fundamental rethinking is taking place in Germany and that a greater awareness of health and well-being is finally – albeit slowly – developing. The number of personal training & yoga studios continues to rise, gluten-free options are available in many restaurants, and cafés offer countless milk alternatives, and even our village butcher’s shop, where my grandmother used to shop, now offers a “healthy line” for lunch. There are really many trends of the last years that have developed and became established in 2018:

o Fermented foods and beverages, such as Kombucha tea. Also with lots of extra ingredients such as aloe vera, turmeric, etc..
o protein powder variants, such as goat whey, bonebroth and collagen protein
o supplements to increase mental performance, so-called nootropics
o the topics of sleep optimization and intestinal health, and everything which goes along with it
o fitness gadgets, the so-called wearables, like pedometers, sports watches, etc.
o And the good old calorie counting is back

I see many developments in the health and fitness sector as very positive. Others are as superfluous as toning shoes, sauna suits and shake weights. If you don’t know what these are anymore, just google 😉

How do Koldbrew and fitness fit together for you?
Just like Batman and Robin! Koldbrew not only tastes great, but can also help as your training sidekick during your next workout. The caffeine in coffee increases important hormones and neurotransmitters, such as adrenaline and acetylcholine, and can help increase drive and focus during training. In addition, numerous studies have shown that coffee stimulates fat burning. The great thing about Koldbrew is that it is easier on the stomach due to less acid and you can enjoy it perfectly cold.

Where and when do you like to enjoy your Koldbrew best?
Well, actually (almost) always! There are only two times when I don’t go for a Koldbrew anymore. Directly after training and in the early evening. I prefer to enjoy my Koldbrew with a dash of liquid organic cream for breakfast.