CBD is everywhere. However, nobody really seems to know what it really is about - is it legal? Does it make you head high? What is it REALLY all about?
Lets keep it simple and start from scratch. Cannabis sativa contains 113 cannabinoids - the two most prominent being THC and CBD.
Real pros may have heard of the subtle but massively important difference between the two of them already: Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive (aka it does not make you high). And that makes the difference, especially in terms of its legal status.

Relax, it’s legal

We could also be explaining food law - or simply mention in one sentence that it’s legal, otherwise we would not be doing it. So you might just have to trust us and risk a naughty sip.

How it works on your body

CBD is extracted from hemp which belongs to the Cannabis Sativa family. Unlike marijuana which contains quite a lot of THC (3-15%), hemp contains only a negligibly tiny bit of it (<0.2%). In contrast to THC, CBD doesn’t make you high.

CBD simply gives you a soothing and smooth body feel and simply makes you feel in balance. Our very personal guinea pigs also report a comfortable body high and euphoric states. Reportedly it also helps people with health issues due to its anti-inflammatory nature.

If you’re getting into larger doses, people say CBD also has long-term benefits. We don’t want to go deeper into this, since we believe it still has to be studied in depth and this is not quite a package insert. But we recommend you read the following, super relevant articles:
→New York Times
→Die Zeit

So why CBD ?

Because we are unconventional thinkers that sometimes need to concentrate and inspire at a late hour.

Because we are night owls that want to be attentive in the dark. Because we love to have a comfortable and nice body feel without the THC head high.

Because we are night lovers that sometimes don’t feel like booze or at least want to remember the nice conversation at the bar the next morning. Because we are enthusiasts and curious always.

We know it as well as you do, everybody is kind of looking for the slowdown button sometimes and simply wants to balance the hustle & bustle and find his homeostasis.

What does this all have to do with coffee though? Stay tuned and find out what we are about to tell you!