Back in the day, you would simply drink coffee. No idea which bean (Arabica vs. Robusta, or the actual varietal like Caturra) you were tasting, where the coffee (country, region) was grown or how it was processed to make it into your cup of coffee. Let alone the price that was paid for the bag of green coffee.

Good news is: things are changing. And we are part of that change.
So why did we choose the Single Origin coffee from the COMSA cooperative in Honduras?
There are a number of criteria that are paramount for our coffee selection.

The importance of quality

Cold brew coffee extraction significantly differs from hot coffee in at least three ways: temperature, time and the ratio of coffee to water (twice as much coffee as in hot coffee extraction). Since cold brew coffee is steeped in cold water for several hours, you can imagine how crucial it is to choose the right quality and aroma profile. Especially if you decide not to add any sugar or additional ingredients to your coffee (as we did for our Koldbrew Pure). For those of you familiar with coffee, you are right: of course, we jumped ahead one step and didn’t talk about roasting. We’ll get to that. One day.

The shared vision of organic only

And organic? Well, because we believe in organic coffee farming and only want the best organic coffee quality for you. In fact, that is a value that the coffee farmers of the COMSA cooperative share with us. They founded Café Orgánico Marcala S.A. (COMSA) back in 2001 with a vision of creating alternative development opportunities for small-scale coffee farmers. They wanted to break away from the low cost, conventional (chemical) production model predominant in the region. And they sought to focus on →specialty coffee ,rather than commercial buyers. And that’s how we met.

COMSA & Philosoffee

During our extensive (re)search period, we tasted a wide variety of coffees (always organic and mostly Arabica) and luckily came across the chocolaty and nutty notes of the Caturra & Catuai (both Arabica beans) blend from Honduras. We were delighted its bold body, the clear presence of chocolate and hazelnut as well as slight hints of green apple.

This surely would not have been possible without the great support of Constantin and the rest of the →Bonanza team.

We developed a carefully crafted roast profile and put in an order at Trabocca, our →coffee importer ,for a pretty large amount of the coffee that we now use for all of our Koldbrew products.

Oh yeah, the price. We pay exactly US $ 3,54 per kilogram of green coffee when it leaves the port in Honduras. FOB (free on board) refers to the price paid to the producer country. The price we pay for our coffee is hence almost twice as much as the current international coffee price (ICO). 78% higher, to be precise.

Does that mean Honduras for life?

No. While we will always stick to our values of high-end, organic coffee quality, the origin of that coffee may well change again. What won’t change, however, is the level of information we will share with you in an effort to make coffee consumption more conscious and transparent.

Feel like cold brew coffee?

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